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The following videos and information from the Propane Education and Research Council will give important instructions on what to do if you suspect you have a leak in your system or need to turn off your tank.  You can click here to access several other safety articles on their website.

​Immediate Actions When You Run Out of Propane

If your propane supply depletes, follow these essential steps from the prfor safety and to quickly restore service:

·  Immediately shut the service valve on your propane tank and turn off all appliance valves to ensure safety.  Avoid using devices or appliances that can generate sparks or electrical charges, such as lights, appliances, telephones, or cell phones, as they can trigger an explosion or fire.

·  Call Gene Harris Petroleum, Inc. at (817) 295-1091.  It is crucial that you are present at home so that our technicians can perform a comprehensive leak check on your gas system.


·  Customers will be charged a $125.00 fee for all “Out-of-Gas” calls due to the nature of the Leak Check, so customers are encouraged to pay close attention to their propane level .


·  It is the customer's responsibility to monitor their propane levels and schedule deliveries. To avoid running out, we recommend ordering fuel when your tank reaches 30% capacity during colder months and 20% capacity during warmer months.


·  Gene Harris Petroleum, Inc. is not liable for any damage or harm caused by a lack of propane, including but not limited to frozen pipes, structural damage, or personal injury.


·  Please note, emergency deliveries for will-call customers are limited and subject to additional fees and availability constraints.


Commitment to Safety

Your safety and property protection are of the utmost importance. By following our propane safety guidelines, you ensure a safe and uninterrupted propane supply. For any questions or additional help, please contact us immediately at 817.295.1091.

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